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The Time Is NOW
With each passing year, Our freedoms are shrinking, our debt is swelling and the same tired excuse for military intervention repeats. 

Voters claim to be dissatisfied with Congress, 
yet re-election remains above 90%. 

Congress must be held accountable. They pit us against one another using the media to stoke the flames of division. 

I call on you to reject this strategy to 
take control of your future! 

D.C. is filled with skulduggery and it's time to end it.
The Skulduggery Stops Here
Foreign Intervention MUST end. Simply put WE ARE BROKE! We do not have money  to take care of our own people much less others.

The War On Drugs MUST end. This policy has destroyed families and communities while simultaneously bankrupting  the American people through forced funding of the policy.
Education in this country is broken. We spend more than any other developed  nation per child yet we sit nowhere near the top in results. It is time to end the department of education.

Healthcare has been destroyed through regulations.
The federal government has created huge monopolies in healthcare and big pharma. This robs everyone of their natural right to seek treatment options as they see fit.
AUDIT THE FED! I would never trust someone with my
money blindly who would not let me see where it is being spent. The government should not be treated different.
The federal government has shown repeatedly that they are incompetent, arrogant and corrupt.

It's time we the people change that.
The Vision
The goal of this campaign, my life and time in D.C is to reduce  violence in the world. 
the only moral way to do this is to follow the Non Aggression Principle.

Put simply: This is fact that all humans own themselves and are right to protect themselves from all types of theft, coercion and violence.

In practice: This means that I will not steal a paycheck from you through an unfair form of wealth transfer, meaning the federal income tax system.

It is my belief that representatives should not look at holding office as a source of wealth and income. It is service. My time in D.C will be 100% voluntarily funded.  

For too long politicians have become wealthy on the hard work of others.
I will not be a party to furthering this.

I will fight any legislation that intends to reduce our rights as  individuals. For too long governments have fooled people into believing that they are on our side. 
It's time to put this lie to rest. 

Help this campaign expose the truth, and lets bring an era of corruption to an end. Join us by liking, sharing, and donating to our campaign. Lets make corruption take the hit for a change. Thank you, 
Shawn Jones Candidate for US Congress District 30
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